The Process

My goal is to make every website clean, attractive, and easy for clients to update. An appealing and easy to navigate website helps to improve brand awareness, strengthen customer relationships, and increase traffic/sales.

  1. Kickoff Meeting

    After initial contact we will set up a kickoff meeting to discuss the scope of the project, the requirements, and time frame for completion. Think about what elements you might need, integration with social media, blog, websites you enjoy, style, voice, page content etc.

  2. Research and Content

    When a plan is in place I will begin browsing the web for inspiration on designing your project. I will typically look at competitors and website galleries to gather together a variety of inspiration for different elements. It will be your job to provide the written content for your site. The sooner you get this to me the better as I can design specific to the content.

  3. Design

    The design phase starts with the creation of a wireframe or sketch showing the basic layout of website elements on the main page and subpages. After determining where elements best fit, I will begin turning the wireframe into a great looking design. Once the initial design is complete you will receive a link to a mock-up website that you can click through and examine. From here we can make changes as needed before the actual coding begins..

  4. Coding

    The fully functional website should look exactly like the mock-up. The design is hand coded in HTML and CSS to build a custom WordPress theme. All of my websites are built on the WordPress platform. This acts as a content management system allowing clients to easily change or update information on their own. WordPress also helps pages become search engine friendly so people can find your site more easily.

  5. Completion

    Once coding is complete and payment received, I will show you how to login to WordPress and edit your website. If in the future you need assistance with the site I will be more than happy to provide support.