Farming, Websites, and SEO Fertilizer


Spring is a busy time for Nebraska farmers. The weather is warming up and everyone is gearing up for planting season. Driving across eastern Nebraska today I saw a few farmers who had already started putting seeds in the ground. Spring is a critical time because it sets the tone for the entire growing season. Fertilizer applications, tillage, and seed selection are critical to a successful harvest come fall. Driving around looking at fields this afternoon made me think about how growing a crop is similar to building a successful website.

Using Mockups to Display Designs


Using mockups is a great way to display digital or print work. If you’re not familiar with the term, mockups provide an digital prototype of your project. For example, on my portfolio page I have screenshots of websites I’ve designed displayed inside a picture of a laptop screen.

How To Get A Great Screenshot

Classic Fullscreen

I rarely have a need to use full-screen images. If for some reason your project requires it simply press the PrintScreen (usually located on the top row) button on your keyboard and the entire screen is instantly copied. You can then paste the image into a program like Fireworks, Photoshop, or even the Windows Paint program to save it.

On a Mac press,

Command + Shift + 3

and an image of the screen will be instantly saved to your desktop.


Steps of a Good Man


The picture was taken while standing on a dirt road in southeastern Nebraska just a few miles outside the town of Wilber. Psalm 37:23-24 is a lifelong favorite of mine. I still remember the song that goes with it that we sung growing up. The message is simple and yet amazing! God is in control and He delights in us! No matter if we stumble, the Lord lifts us up again. This is another example of God’s continual outpouring of grace on us again and again and again.

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way; though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholds him with His hand.” – Psalm 37:23-24

I made two different resolutions of the wallpaper: 4×3 and 16×9. If you’d like a different size for another device (like an iPad) let me know! Click the corresponding below picture to download.


4×3 Standard


16×9 Widescreen



An Unforgetable South African Safari in Pilanesberg

We hit the ground running after arriving in South Africa. Our tour guide, Niel Jacobs (aka Safari Niel since there were two Neal/Niels now) picked us up from our hotel near the airport and we started our drive to Pilanesberg National Park. Niel was very accommodating and pointed out historical sites on the drive. By the time we reached Pilanesberg, we had a good overview of the area and some of the history that formed the Johannesburg area.

Our tour of Pilanesberg started off with a bang. Just a short time inside the gate we saw four rhino going down to a watering hole for a drink. There was also a jackal, hippos, wildebeest, impala, and birds all in the same spot! Some warthogs also joined in the fun. It was quite the sight to see not more than 5 minutes inside the park gate! But that wasn’t all. A short while after leaving the watering hole we spotted our first elephants. A family of five were walking and grazing next to the road and eventually crossed the road right in front of us. What an amazing start to our trip!