Photos From South Africa!


As a follow-up to my last blog post about website photography I wanted to share a few photos of my own. For the past couple of weeks, I have been in South Africa visiting friends with Lizzie. During our time so far we have truly been treated by the beauty of South Africa. At the beginning of our trip we saw lions, elephants, rhinos and many other animals during our safari in Pilanesberg National Park. Our time in Cape Town has been highlighted by seeing the vast ocean, breathtaking scenes from Table Mountain, dramatic cliffs at Cape Point, and the brilliant gardens of Kirstenbosch. Cape Town is one of the coolest places on earth. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a beautiful sightseeing vacation!

The photos below are free to use on any project, but please attribute credit in some manner. Some of the photos were captured by Lizzie and some by me. I’d love to hear how you used these photos in the comments below!

If you’d like the original file contact me and let me know! Thanks!

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