Destinations Coffeehouse Website

When Destinations Coffeehouse approached me about making a new website I was thrilled at the opportunity. The newly redesigned site is built on WordPress for easy updating and content management. Twitter is fully integrated in the site as the most recent tweet is posted on the home page as well as on the sidebar in many of the sub-pages. The footer also contains an Instagram feed for all photos tagged with #destinationsunl designation. A fun twist to the front page was the addition of a random image script which changes the background on each page refresh.

Check out the live site now at



New Portfolio Website

Welcome to my newly re-designed portfolio website. In case you didn’t know, I design and code websites! Good design has always been a passion for me ever since I started creating PowerPoint presentations in 5th grade.

A couple years ago I started updating the website for church and began to learn more and more about HTML and web design. Over the past year I started to seriously consider web design as a possible career path. Due to having a full-time job I work on web projects and developing my skills in my spare time. It is my hope that in the future I can turn this hobby into a career.

I’m looking forward to showcasing my work I’ve done on the web so far and watching my portfolio grow over the years. Check back as I post the various projects I am working on.