2014 Nebraska Fall Seed Guide Design

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to put together my first printed publication. The Fall Seed Guide is a compilation of data from all the University of Nebraska winter wheat variety trials across the state. Producers, breeders, and seed companies use this data to make seed selection decisions for fall wheat planting.

This year the Nebraska winter wheat harvest wasn’t complete until the first week in August. Farmers in western Nebraska start planting wheat during the first week of September. As a result, a fast turn-around time for this project was critical in order to get the data into the hands of producers and seed companies.

In the span of 2 days I was able to go from knowing little of Adobe InDesign to publishing the finished document online. Before this project I hadn’t had any real opportunity to create a project in InDesign. Most of my work has been digital to this point, so I’ve become comfortable with Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator. A few online tutorials mixed with some trial and error helped me find the right techniques to make a sharp looking publication. I also used my graphic design skills to create front and back covers of the seed guide.

Check out the Fall Seed Guide in the window below or download the pdf version.